Project Highlights

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Geo-Seal was selected as a quick and effective solution to mitigate the vapor intrusion at a former car dealership.
  • Geo-Seal® applied to over 150,000 square feet
  • Client plans to use Geo-Seal and Vapor-Vent for future projects


Project Summary

Texas is experiencing a building boom and real estate investors are eager to build multi-family apartments on available land. A well-known real estate developer recently purchased the site of a former car dealership where BTEX, TPHg and TPHd levels exceeded regulatory guidelines. The developer needed a quick and effective solution to mitigate the vapor intrusion present and turned to HRT Construction, an experienced contractor. The Geo-Seal and Vapor Vent systems were selected by HRT Construction to mitigate the vapor intrusion found.

Technology Description

Geo-Seal is a vapor management technology designed to eliminate vapor intrusion found on environmentally-impaired sites. Geo-Seal is a chemically-resistant material placed between the foundation of the building and the soil pad to eliminate vapor intrusion pathways and stop contaminant vapors from permeating through the slab. The use of Geo- Seal allows developers to mitigate vapor intrusion risks and ensures a healthy indoor environment, while reducing the cost of site remediation and expediting site construction. Installing a Geo-Seal system offers developers a lower total cost to remediate and move redevelopment projects forward.
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Vapor-Vent is a low-profile vent system that can be used in lieu of slotted PVC pipe. The speed of installation and the proximity of the vent to the barrier provide cost savings and performance benefits compared to other technologies.


HRT was able to successfully install Geo-Seal and Vapor-Vent on over 150,000 square feet. Vapor intrusion levels were addressed and the project moved forward with the development of a multi-family apartment complex.

About the Applicator

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